I fell in love with Lassie when I was four years old.  My grandpa just happened to rescue a collie on this paper route.  Of course she       had to be named “Lassie”.  This was 1965.

She was my playmate, my best friend, and my protector.  When she went to Rainbow Bridge in 1977, I was heartbroken.  Hoping that it would ease the pain, even though it wouldn’t be “Lassie”, we immediately went out to find another collie.  We had spoken to several breeders.  Betty Stewart of Debonair Collies had something called a “blue merle”.  We thought it sounded ugly at the time.  We wanted something that looked like a “Lassie”.  We ended up in Edwardsville, Illinois.  We picked the quieter, more reserved sable and white female puppy:  she was “Lady Kaftan”.  When we got her home, she was adorable and had a happy go lucky personality.  She made us laugh.  Mom started showing at that time.  Unfortnately, at a year and a half, Kaftan started having epileptic seizures.  I was a teenager and home alone when she had the first one.  The seizures were controlled with medication for a while.  However, Kaftan did get progressively worse.  There came the day when we couldn’t get her to come out of the seizures any more.  She went to Rainbow Bridge at a young 4.5 years.  I wouldn’t trade those years for anything, but DO NOT want any one to have to endure this with their collie.

In 1979, we got another sable and white female.  Her name was Debonair Sand Castle.  We actually got Sandy when Kaftan was 2 years old.  They became the best of friends.  Always together playing and laying on one another while sleeping.  Sandy became very depressed when Kaftan went to Rainbow Bridge.  It took her a long time to get back to normal.  Mom showed Sandy and minored her out.

In 1982, we bred Sandy to Ch. Debonair Valiant.  A beautiful tri male.  With Betty’s assistance, our first litter arrived on April 21, 1982.  7 males, 3 females, 2 sable & white, and 8 tri’s.  Sandy produced Ch. Debonair Storm Cloud in this litter.  We kept a tri male from this litter:  Debonair Morse Code, CD.

Thus the origination of “Sandmoor”.

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